Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Web 2.0 Awards List

I played around in the Spanish Pod. This was an award winner under the category of education. The site says it is free but it can cost you if you want to get into deeper lessons. Browsing through the food category, phrases were written and translated into English. The neat thing was that clicking on the right arrow beside the phrase produced the pronunciation of the phrase that could be repeated over and over again. I won't pay for any lessons but it will help me learn some basic Spanish words and phrases used in different situations. You can access the site at http://spanishpod.com. Have some fun!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Final Comments

I admit that I wasn't too excited about starting this journey but I must say that I have enjoyed it tremendously. In addition, I have learned so much. The course itself was well organized. The modules seemed a bit seamless. That is, their order was a logical progression. The introductions with the Plain English videos done by LeFever (?) were great. I liked how we were always drawn back to the question of "What use do you see for this in the library?" I know that I won't use everything I learned right away or be an expert but that's okay. At least I won't have a blank look on my face when someone asks me about blogs, wikis, podcasts and etc! Now, if I could only remember all my usernames and passwords!!


Yes, it has been a task to create all these new accounts. When I got to the section of logging into the NetLibrary from LD Bell, I found that I couldn't do that. I can't wait until it is fixed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One podcast that was interesting to me was Lit2Go: Audio Files for K-12. Utilizing this technology, students/instructors can listen to a plethora of nursery rhymes, poems, and books. Not all the presenters were what I would call superb but neither were they that bad. Their expression, voice dynamics, and inflections were all satisfactory or above. Librarians could use all or parts of certain presentations and have students compare it with a book they are reading. Also, in centers or individually, students could listen to a podcast and write about it. If you want to investigate the particular one I choose yourself, you can at http://podcast.com. Search for Lit2Go show number 5634.

You Tube

Searching through You Tube Spotlight Videos, I viewed Twas the Night Before Christmas in Lego http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjydWIRkj1s. This video was an animated Lego presentation of the poem--created like the Claymation videos. In school, this type of technology (using Legos, clay, or whatever) could be incorporated into curriculum units as the student's end evaluation project in almost any subject area.

Web 2.0

I am thankful that our instructor let us just explore the short list of winners! When I browsed Worldcat.com, I put in my zip code and voila, up popped local school libraries and my public library. This site allowed for items of interest to by placed on manageable lists that can be shared. Great for book clubs or maybe teachers/students wanting to inform you of resources they would like purchased for the library. I also explored Livemocha which is for learning a foreign language. The basic classes were free but upgrades costs. I am enrolling in the basic Spanish (free version) class.
I forgot to mention my thoughts on Web 2.0. Each article proposed various ideas of what the libraries and librarians should be aiming towards with service and technology. While it is true that we need to serve our patrons and that everything needed can't be contained on the library shelves, I question how much the tax payers will support such endeavors. Right now in my own school library, the computer alone are inadequate. It is my opinion that we will have to be satisfied with baby steps to reach our mission of serve and demand.

Zoho Writer

For this module in our journey, I recreated a partial table of the "Frightfully Good Books" that some of us helped create in October to accomodate readers who always ask for scary books. In my table, I wanted to alphabetize the books but I never discovered a way to do that.

Frightfully Good Books

This list was started by the HEB Librarians for K-6. Feel free to add your students favorites.



Call Number

All the Lovely Bad OnesHahn, Mary DFIC HAH
Mysterious Matter of I.M. FineStanley, DianeFIC STA
Robe of SkullsFrench, VivianFIC FRE
Blue GhostBauer, MarionFIC BAU
Graveyard GhostKehret, PegFIC KEH
Old Willis PlaceHahn, Mary DFIC HAH
Ghost FeverHayes, JoeFIC HAY

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